Resist Triple-Action Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA (Salicylic Acid) Gel

Time to fade out, brown spots. Lighten discolorations and even out your skin tone with this silky gel. It improves texture and reveals younger-looking, clearer skin.
  • Anti-Aging, Brown Spots
  • Combination, Oily Skin
  • Contains the gold standard skin-lightening ingredient, hydroquinone
  • 2% BHA targets blackheads, exfoliates skin’s surface and inside pores

Please Note: Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin or its derivatives.

What makes this product unique?
Resist Triple-Action Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA Gel is a unique treatment for those struggling with discolorations and breakouts. 2% hydroquinone lightens sun-damaged areas while 2% salicylic acid exfoliates to reduce blemishes. This anti-aging lightener restores an even skin tone by fading skin discolorations caused by the sun or hormones. The silky, breathable gel texture is ideal for normal to oily skin. The formula glides on easily and absorbs without feeling sticky or greasy. Special packaging keeps key sensitive ingredients stable and prevents product discoloration. You'll see improved skin texture and clarity.

This product is 100% fragrance- and colorant-free with a pH range of 3.4-3.8.

Who is this product for?
Resist Triple-Action Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA Gel is formulated for anyone struggling with skin discolorations, uneven skin tone from sun damage, and breakouts. It is best suited for normal to oily or combination skin.

NOTE: Those allergic to aspirin (acetylsalicylate) should not use products containing salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid).

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