Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions:

For the purposes of this promotion, completed referrals must meet all of the following conditions in order to qualify:

  • The Referral Contest is available to customers who have made at least 1 previous purchase from Paula’s Choice Singapore (the “Referrer”), and new customers without an existing Paula’s Choice account (the “Referred”). All referrals will be checked and verified at the end of the promotion before winners are picked.
  • Each referral will entitle new Referred customers to $10 off their first purchase, and each Referrer 2,500 Rewards points (worth $10) once the Referred customer has completed a purchase. Referrers may choose to redeem their points for discount codes, or accumulate them for a chance to wipe out their entire rewards account at the end of the contest.
  • The Referred customer will have to complete a purchase with minimum value of $20 for the referral to qualify for this contest.
  • A Referred customer can only use one referral link when completing a purchase with Paula’s Choice Singapore. He/She cannot have more than one Referrer.
  • Customers who have made at least 1 previous purchase (either online or offline) are eligible to be considered as Referrers in this contest. However, all Referred purchases are required to be made online. For new customers, only referrals made after a purchase will be counted towards their total referral tally.
  • The Referral Contest will run from 25 February, 6pm (SGT), to 7 March, 6pm (SGT). All rewards points accumulated after the cutoff date and time will not be eligible for one-time redemption.
  • The Referral Contest is also open internationally to customers in these countries: Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines.
  • Paula’s Choice Singapore reserves the right to review and investigate all Referral Contest activities. If a referral link or referral benefit is found to be used erroneously, or fraudulently, illegally, or in violation of Paula’s Choice Singapore’s Referral Contest’s Terms and Conditions, Paula’s Choice Singapore reserves the right, in our absolute discretion, to revoke or remove these referral benefits.



  • Top 3 winners of the Referral Contest will be announced on 7 March, 9pm.
  • Each winner will be presented with a personal discount code containing their individual redemption amounts.
  • Discount codes will only be available for use from 8 March 12am, to 10 March 11.59pm (International Women’s Day Weekend Sale). No extensions will be granted.
  • International Customers will be liable for all shipping, import taxes and duties on their shipments.