Truth in Beauty: A Message from Paula Begoun, Founder of Paula’s Choice

At Paula’s Choice, we believe beauty emanates first from our hearts and minds. From this starting point comes a personally defined expression of feeling beautiful, healthy, and proud. With this mindset, you will feel happy and satisfied every time you look in the mirror each day. This is what we embrace and share as a meaningful goal in life.

We also know that being beautiful takes many forms and varies among different people. For some, it can be a rather controversial concept. When people become engrossed with popular beauty myths as defined by external influences, it can shatter their self-esteem because they feel they somehow don’t measure up to the perceived standards.

It’s all too easy to be fascinated by the outward appearance of celebrities, models, influencers, or the most popular person in school who everyone thinks of as beautiful. However this fascination can easily lead to an obsessive desire to want what those “beautiful people” have, at any cost.

This limited view of beauty can be a self-defeating spiral of disappointment and wasting money. But there is a better way to define beauty, and we want to empower everyone, including ourselves, to find it and celebrate it!

To support this journey of self-determination, confidence, and discovery we are committed to the concept of Truth in Beauty.

For us, it’s not only about dignity and self-awareness regarding beauty. But we also want you to know the facts of what is and is not possible when it comes to achieving the results you want from the beauty products that you use.

No matter how you define beauty for yourself, we want to nurture and celebrate it by telling you the truth about natural skincare, skincare ingredients, and other concerns so we can help you get as close as possible to your objectives. It's time to let go of any myths about beauty. We’re here if you need us at any step along your journey to explore your definition of beauty, and to use that knowledge to have the best skin of your life!

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