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Paula’s Choice: Hair & Body Care for Ultimate Nourishment

At Paula’s Choice skin care, we recognise the importance of embracing your entire body in your skin care ritual. Introducing our meticulously curated hair and body care collection, designed to provide your skin and hair with the nourishment they deserve. This range of hair and body care products echo the same dedication to excellence that defines our facial care line. Embark on a journey of care from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. 

Discover the essence of comprehensive care with Paula’s Choice skin care online, where our commitment to Science-backed solutions extends to every facet of your beauty routine.

Beyond Facial Care: The Science of Body & Hair Care

Your skin's need for tender loving care doesn't halt at your face. At Paula's Choice skin care, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of body washes and hair care products, each formulated with the same dedication to Science-backed ingredients that underpins our facial care line. As you venture beyond your facial skin care routine, experience the transformative effects of our versatile and fragrance-free range, carefully crafted for the well-being of yourself and your entire family.

Wellness isn't confined to one area; it encompasses every inch of your being. Just as a balanced diet fuels your body, a balanced skin care regimen nourishes your skin from head to toe. Our hair and body care products integrate seamlessly into your routine, ensuring that every part of you receives the attention it deserves. 

Embrace the synergy between your hair, skin, and overall well-being, and embark on a journey towards comprehensive self-care.

Explore Our Hair Care and Body Wash Collection

Delve into the realm of care with our meticulously crafted hair and body care collection. Each product is infused with the Science-backed expertise that defines Paula's Choice skin care. From nourishing shampoos to invigorating body washes, experience the transformative benefits of our carefully curated range.


Unveil the secret to lustrous locks with our revitalising shampoos like the All Over Hair and Body Shampoo. Infused with the power of coconut-derived cleaners, they delicately sweep away dirt, oil, and grime, leaving your hair refreshed and clean. The inclusion of pro-vitamin B5 brings a dual benefit, conditioning and smoothing both your skin and hair. Meanwhile, aloe extract imparts lightweight, long-lasting hydration, ensuring your hair remains nourished and vibrant. 


Discover the magic of our fragrance-free conditioners like the Smooth Finish Conditioner, specially formulated to cater to your hair's unique needs. Enriched with wheat protein, they provide a nourishing touch that leaves your strands smooth and glossy. Pro-vitamin B5 takes centre stage, working its wonders by conditioning, softening, and adding a brilliant shine to all hair types.

Body Wash

Elevate your bathing experience with our rejuvenating body washes. Infused with the gentle strength of coconut-derived cleansers, they sweep away impurities, leaving your skin refreshed. Our body washes feature a concentrated panthenol- and soy-powered formula designed to cleanse and nourish your body in a single application. The result? Healthier-looking skin that's beautifully revitalised. Experience the transformative benefits of pro-vitamin B5 as it works its magic, offering a dual benefit of conditioning and smoothing for your skin. Coupled with the soothing touch of aloe extract, your skin is treated to lightweight, enduring hydration. 

Why Choose Paula's Choice Hair & Body Care Products?

Amidst an ever-changing landscape of beauty trends, Paula’s Choice skin care offers a refreshing approach. Since 1995, we've been committed to providing you with reliable formulas backed by research. We believe in empowering you with information to make well-informed choices for your self-care journey.

Our products are crafted to fulfil their promises, staying true to our dedication to quality and effectiveness. As you explore our beauty products online, experience the consistency of quality that Paula’s Choice has been known for over the years.

Expertise in Comprehensive Care

Our commitment to care goes beyond product launches. At Paula’s Choice skin care, we understand the importance of maintaining your skin's natural pH and hydration levels. As such, our formulations are meticulously balanced to harmonise with your body's unique needs, ensuring your skin's health and vitality remain a top priority.

Value for Money

Elevating your hair and body care routine doesn't necessitate a hefty price tag. Our thoughtfully curated kits provide a cost-effective solution, delivering a comprehensive regimen tailored to specific needs. Opting for a kit over individual products allows you to save while upholding our promise of quality. Experience the satisfaction of investing in your well-being without compromising on excellence.

Simplified Hair and Body Care Routine

Navigating the world of hair and body care can be overwhelming. That's why Paula's Choice skin care simplifies your journey. Our pre-selected regimens align the expertise of our collections with your unique requirements. Embrace the convenience of a streamlined routine that combines effectiveness with simplicity. Say goodbye to confusion and embrace a clear, straightforward path to wellness.

Visible Results

Our commitment to results is supported by Science and real experiences. Clinical tests and user experiences underline the transformative potential of Paula's Choice hair and body care products. Embrace visible enhancements in your hair and skin as you embark on a self-care journey that prioritises meticulously crafted formulations, each contributing to your overall well-being.

Elevate Your Hair and Body Care Journey Today!

Embrace a new level of self-care by exploring Paula's Choice hair and body care collection. From revitalising shampoos to rejuvenating body washes, our Science-backed formulations offer the nourishment your skin and hair deserve. Experience the transformative power of our products and take the next step in your wellness journey. 

Whether you're seeking hair treatments, quality hair products, or body wash solutions, browse and buy various beauty products online in Singapore today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hair Treatments and Body Washes

Are the hair care products suitable for all hair types?

Absolutely. Our rich and cushiony concentrated formula is versatile enough to accommodate any hair type. Designed to cleanse effectively in a single application, it leaves no build-up or even a hint of dryness. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, Paula's Choice hair care products are tailored to offer nourishment and care without compromise.

Can I use the shampoo and conditioner on colour-treated hair?

Yes. Our shampoo's fragrance- and soap-free formula ensures it's safe for colour-treated hair, as well as sensitive scalp and dry skin. For the conditioner, its unique concentrated formula acts as a daily moisturizing and detangling treatment suitable for all hair types. Experience the benefits of hair care that caters to your individual needs while keeping your colour-treated hair looking soft, shiny, and beautifully manageable. 

How often should I use the body wash?

Our body wash can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily bathing routine. Whether you prefer a morning or evening cleanse, its gentle and effective formula is suitable for daily use. Experience the revitalising effects as you cleanse away impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and nourished every day.

Are the products suitable for sensitive skin and scalp?

Our meticulously crafted products are designed with care, making them suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. We understand the importance of gentle yet effective solutions, and our formulations are tailored to provide the nourishment and care your sensitive skin and scalp deserve.

Do the hair care products help with dandruff?

Research indicates that Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, a key ingredient in our products, may offer properties that contribute to dandruff relief. While we don't make outright claims, our carefully curated formulations are designed to provide holistic care for your hair and scalp. 

Are the products free from sulphates and parabens?

At Paula's Choice skin care, our commitment lies in utilising a blend of thoughtfully chosen ingredients—both natural and Scientifically crafted—to thoughtfully cater to a range of needs. Our formulations are meticulously curated, consciously steering clear of ingredients that might trigger irritation, dryness, or worsen existing concerns. Regardless, each of our formulations is crafted with a fragrance-free gentle formula that prioritises the health and vitality of your hair and skin.

How do I store the hair and body products?

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your hair and body products, it's recommended to store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keeping the products tightly closed when not in use helps maintain their quality. Following these simple steps will help you make the most of your Paula's Choice hair and body care products.

Can I use the products during pregnancy?

We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before introducing new products, including hair and body care items, into your routine during pregnancy. While our formulations prioritise safety and efficacy, it's always best to ensure they align with your unique health needs during this special time. Your healthcare provider can offer personalised guidance for a confident and informed decision.

Do the products help with dry or itchy skin?

Yes, many of our products are carefully formulated to provide nourishment and relief for dry or itchy skin. Our commitment to quality ingredients and thorough research ensures that our formulations can contribute to addressing these concerns. 

Can I use the body wash as a hand soap?

While our body wash is designed for use on the body, it's important to note that its gentle formula can be suitable for hand use as well. 

Are the hair care products suitable for children?

Yes, our hair care products are formulated to be gentle and effective, making them suitable for children as well. However, children's skin and hair can be more sensitive, so we recommend performing a patch test and monitoring their reactions before incorporating any new products into their routine.

What should I do if I experience any irritation after using a product?

If you experience any irritation or discomfort after using a product, we recommend discontinuing its use immediately. It's possible that certain ingredients may not agree with your skin or hair. If the irritation persists or worsens, we advise seeking guidance from a healthcare professional or dermatologist to determine the best course of action for your individual needs. 

Are there any hair care products specifically for curly or wavy hair?

Our versatile hair care product range is designed to accommodate various hair types, including curly and wavy hair. The concentrated formula in our products ensures effective care for all textures, allowing you to experience nourishment and revitalisation regardless of your hair type. 

How do I know which product is right for my skin or hair type?

Choosing the right product for your skin or hair type can be overwhelming. Our website provides detailed information about each product, including recommendations for different skin and hair types. Additionally, you can refer to our skin care Resources for personalised tips and insights.

How do the products maintain the skin's natural pH?

Our products are carefully formulated to respect and maintain the skin's natural pH balance. Through meticulous ingredient selection and research-backed formulations, we ensure that our products work in harmony with your skin's pH, promoting optimal health and vitality. 

Are there any hair care products that help with hair loss or thinning?

While we don't make specific claims about treating hair loss or thinning, our hair care products are formulated with quality ingredients that promote overall hair health.