We’re as passionate about caring for the planet as we are about caring for our skin.

Paula’s Choice was created to bring truth & transparency to our customers by developing science-backed products & sharing the research behind why they work.

Now, we’re taking the same approach to address our environmental impact—using data-backed methodologies to reduce our footprint.

Packaging Impact
We’re aiming to reduce our consumption—here’s how.

+ Transition all individual paper product cartons to FSC-certified paper stock from sustainably managed forests by 2025
+ Reduce use of virgin plastic in our packaging by 50% by 2026*
+ Achieve 50% recycled content in our plastic packaging by 2027**
+ Ensure that 75% of our plastic bottles are designed for recyclability by 2030

*Compared to our 2021 baseline.

**By weight across our line.

Offsetting Carbon

The truth is, we can’t offset our way out of climate change. While our focus is on meaningful emissions reductions, offsetting through Cloverly allows us to make a positive impact now. We partner with Cloverly to offset carbon emissions from the transport of product orders placed on our websites in North America, Australia, UK & EU.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

After completing our first inventory in 2022, we are actively working on establishing greenhouse gas reduction goals & building comprehensive plans around them. We aim to communicate our plan in our next ESG Impact Report.