How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a common problem that most of us experience at one time or another. No matter the reason for your puffy eyes, one thing is clear: You want them to look better as soon as possible.

From ageing to unhealthy diets and fluid retention, there are several causes of puffy eyes. And depending on the cause, finding the solution to your puffy eye problem can be relatively straightforward. But, if you’re uncertain about why your eyes appear puffy, it might take some trial and error to see which eye care product is right for you. Since there is no quick fix way to go about reducing puffy eyes, you could need more than one solution.

At-Home Puffy Eyes Solutions

If you have puffy eyes related to fluid retention, sleep with your head slightly elevated. You can also massage the eye area gently with a fingertip to relieve this kind of puffiness. Better yet, use Paula’s Choice’s RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Gel, which has a cooling metal applicator that quickly alleviates puffiness, in addition to delivering soothing and hydrating ingredients to the skin.

Diet can also cause fluid retention. Lowering your salt intake and eating more antioxidant-rich foods can make a big difference because of the many health benefits such foods provide.

If allergies are the reason for your puffy eyes, consulting your doctor about the right over-the-counter allergy medications can really turn things around. Also, avoid, or at least try to curb, the bad habit of rubbing your eyes. If you rub your eyes because they itch, talk to your doctor about allergy eye drops. You can also apply cool compresses as needed to provide temporary relief.

Moreover, sun damage can lead not only to puffy eyes, but also to eye bags and dark circles! The solution to this, however, is simple: Use a sunscreen for the face that has SPF 30 or higher around your eye area every day (rain or shine), and wear sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors. You might be surprised at how much this helps.

Another way to improve the appearance of puffiness is simply to be gentle to the skin around your eyes. Use fragrance-free products, make sure you remove any makeup around the eye area at the end of the day, and avoid harsh, sensitising ingredients. To help replenish skin in that area, dab on a rich, balm-like eye cream loaded with proven anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients.

When to See a Doctor for Puffy Eyes

As explored, puffy eyes can occur as you age or for a variety of reasons, such as an inadequate amount of sleep, a poor diet, or allergies. While adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of puffy eyes quickly there are some causes of puffy eyes that require a little more work to fix. Those who have age-related slippage of fat pads under their eyes won’t find much relief in skincare products or lifestyle changes. Instead, the solution lies with a visit to a cosmetic surgeon who can discuss options that can eliminate (yes, really!) this problem.

Learn more about eye care and the causes of puffy eyes.

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