Best Travel Skincare Tips And Advice

You’ve probably seen all kinds of advice about how to take care of your skin when travelling, but here’s a dirty little secret: Most of that advice will NOT help you take the best care of your skin!

For example: A common tip is to change the products you’re using, but we DON’T want you to do that! Buying new skincare products just because they come in a travel kit or are travel-sized isn’t the best approach.

Don’t let your skin suffer for a little extra room in your bag; risking a reaction to new products just isn’t worth it. Besides, unless they’re brilliant products, why would you even want to change?

Ready to pack for travel? At Paula’s Choice Singapore, most of our products are available in travel sizes or are already the perfect size for travel, and they can easily fit in your carry-on without needing to be in the one-quart bag! Check out our skincare tips for travelling lighter and smarter, without compromising your skin’s appearance:

Essential Travel Skincare Tips

  1. Pare your travel skincare routine down to the most important products you use.
  2. Be careful about which products you transfer to smaller, travel-friendly containers. The majority of the most important and beneficial skincare ingredients begin to degrade on exposure to air, so transferring them into a jar or transparent container will compromise the formula’s effectiveness.
  3. Treatments for skin redness, clogged pores, and acne, as well as those that promote hydration and brightening should not be left at home because you must use them consistently to maintain the results.
  4. For your pre-flight skincare routine, use your face moisturizer around your eyes as well as on the rest of your face. This is important, especially for long flights as it can be particularly drying.
  5. To treat your dehydrated skin, our Lip & Body Treatment Balm needs to be on the plane with you. It works great for patches of extreme dryness anywhere, including around your eyes. (Fun fact: This is Paula’s favourite for her long-haul trips!)
  6. Sunscreen is always the most important item, but for warm-weather destinations, the amount you will need for your body will take up way too much space in your luggage. That means it’s best to buy those products when you get to where you’re going, or ship your favourites to your destination before you leave so they’re ready and waiting for you!
  7. Our facial sunscreens are the perfect size for your carry on, as is our RESIST Anti-Aging Lip Gloss SPF 40. Be sure to reapply sunscreen after a long-haul flight that arrives during the day.
  8. Facial masks can stay at home; you won’t have time for them anyway and you’ll probably indulge in some kind of spa appointment while you’re there (at least we hope you do!).
  9. Cleansers are one of the few products you can transfer into any travel-size container because the ingredients are stable whether exposed to air or not. To remove makeup, opt for cotton rounds as these are handy for the plane and travel in general. Bonus: They're also TSA-friendly for your carry-on luggage.
  10. Many of you love our toners, but, of all the steps you can leave out of your pre-flight and in-flight beauty routine for a couple of weeks or weekends, this is the one.
  11. Don’t leave home without your BHA or AHA exfoliant! Your skin won’t be happy. Ours come in travel sizes, but they can also be transferred if needed because the basic ingredients can last the duration of a vacation.
  12. Scrubs, cleansing brushes, or other cleansing devices can stay at home; a soft washcloth with your face cleanser works perfectly!
  13. Body products are almost always too big for your luggage, and travel sizes last for only about two days. However, if you have bumps on your arms and legs you can’t go without the right leave-on exfoliant. Thankfully, our body products come in travel sizes too!

One more tip: Paula’s strong advice—Use the money you save with Paula’s Choice Skincare products to invest in the newest lightweight spinner luggage. Her largest piece of luggage weighs 8 pounds (3.6 kg); her carry-on weighs 5 pounds (2.2 kg). Talk about taking a load off!

Protect your skin from travel stressors with our mini sized skincare best sellers to keep you glowing on your holiday!

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