How are Paula's Choice Skincare Routines Different?

Let’s face it, putting together your ideal beauty regimen or combination of skincare products can feel overwhelming. Especially with the massive amounts of information from viral TikToks or recommendations from friends, we are often spoiled for choice and easily confused.

That’s why at Paula’s Choice Skincare, we take a different approach to building the perfect routine. With good skincare, it should be easy to find the right products for your skin type and skin concerns!

How We Put Together Skincare Routines

One of our core Paula’s Choice Skincare philosophies is that skin type is not one size fits all. That’s why we have products for just about every skin type and to address the various skin concerns under the sun.

Even better, we always try to go a step further than the norm by putting together cohesive routines to address those special and unique needs. Whether you have combination skin, extra-sensitive dry skin, skin that needs help with anti-aging, or any skin type in between, we take the guesswork out of the process. Without trying to piecemeal your skincare system from scratch, you can choose a routine that meets the core needs of your skin type and concerns and then fine-tune it as needed.

We Take Exfoliation Seriously

Skincare routines from other brands often leave out the oh-so-important exfoliation step, or they fulfil it with abrasive scrubs that may leave skin the worse for wear. At Paula’s Choice, EVERY skincare routine comes complete with a gentle chemical leave-on exfoliant for a smoother, healthier, younger-looking complexion, regardless of skin type. (Read more about why exfoliation is the skincare step you never knew you needed here.)

We Include Different Moisturizers for Day and Night

Another helpful aspect of our skincare routines is that we offer a moisturizer with SPF for the day, as well as a non-SPF moisturizer for your night skincare routine. This differentiates us from many brands that offer only one or the other, which shortchanges your skin of the benefits each specific moisturizer provides. After all, better skin at any age begins with the daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen! So, don’t forget to apply an appropriate amount to your face and body after completing your usual skincare routine!

We Keep it Real When it Comes to Acne

Anyone who has struggled with the unpleasant combination of excess sebum and acne on their face knows that you just want effective and affordable skincare products. This is why we use nothing but gold-standard, research-backed ingredients for our CLEAR skin regimen. Additionally, we also take into account that there are different severity levels and types of acne, so we offer different skincare routines that can serve as an acne routine for mild to moderate breakouts or even an extra strength routine for stubborn acne.

We Offer Essential and Advanced Routines

Naturally, not everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to how many steps they want or need for their faces and skin. Thus, to start them off, our Essential Skincare Routines are simplified to address the skin’s core needs and meet the base requirements of keeping healthy, smooth, and protected skin. Contrastingly, our Advanced Routines include a broader mix of products to target more complex needs.

We Take the Cocktail Approach with Ingredients

All Paula’s Choice leave-on skincare products—especially our skin revitalising serums, boosters, and masks—use what we call the cocktail approach to skincare. Usually, the skin’s needs are more complex than what any single ingredient (however great) can fully satisfy; therefore, we blend antioxidants, replenishing, and skin-restoring ingredients in amounts that research shows can remarkably improve skin.

We Educate on Skincare Routine Order

To ease difficulties in finding your preferred skincare routine, we would like to offer our expertise. Whether you want to go with an advanced routine or keep it simple with just the essentials, let Paula’s Choice be your support.

Wondering how to incorporate Paula’s Choice Skincare products into your personal routine? Get skincare recommendations from our helpful team via Instagram.

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