The Beginner's Guide to A Skin Care Routine

If you’re starting to notice and pay attention to commercials and articles about putting together a skincare routine, you’re likely ready to take the plunge. But, the different skincare steps can be intimidating if you’re new, so if you’re wondering “where should I start using skincare products, and why?” you aren’t alone.

If you have normal skin, and you don’t have any stubborn, chronic skin concerns (like acne breakouts, brown spots, or sensitivity), sifting through specialty products can be confusing. You don’t want something to treat a specific issue, you just want your skin to get healthier and keep it that way. So, how do you do that? Let us simplify the process of choosing a skincare routine for you.

Skin Care Routine to Protect from Environmental Damage

The first thing you need to do is select a skincare routine that helps protect you from the effects of environmental damage such as air pollution. Even if you have normal skin, and no skin concerns, one thing is universal: the environment is having an impact on your skin, every day, no matter your age or skin type. You must keep that in mind when you’re looking to start a skincare routine.

Stop Skin Damage Today

Pollutants—smog, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, particles in the air, and even the blue light from your cell phone or tablet—can affect your skin in ways you’d never expect. All these factors hammer away at skin’s defenses, leading to signs of damage like brown spots, uneven skin tone, bumpy skin texture, dryness, and wrinkles.

One question we get a lot at Paula’s Choice is: “Am I too young for such and such a process or product?” The answer is always “no!” Age isn't a skin type, and the negative effects of pollution aren’t something you’ll see overnight; in fact, it’s possible, and even likely, that you’ll not see anything for years or even decades, which is why it’s so important to start a skincare routine sooner rather than later.

Use this lightweight serum to protect your skin from environmental damage through a mix of antioxidants, salicylic acid and other skin-fortifying ingredients.

An Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine

Ananti-pollution skincare routinecan have as many steps as you wish, but many people want to start with just the basics, and that’s usually the best place to begin. Applying skincare products like a facial cleanser, serum or treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen —in just a few simple steps—can get you headed in the right direction. The order of applying these skincare products matters as well. Follow these steps:

  • Forcleansers, look for options such as the DEFENSE Hydrating Gel-to-Cream Cleanser that are gentle and fragrance-free.Fragrance, even in a rinse-off product, has the potential to aggravate skin, so steer clear. Cleansers are the critical first step in a routine because they remove dirt, debris, and surface pollutants from your face, setting the stage for all the other skin care products that follow.

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  • When it comes to choosing aserum, lightweight formulas packed with antioxidants such as the DEFENSE Antioxidant Pore Purifier are the way to go. Antioxidants shield skin from deterioration from sun damage and defend against the visible effects of pollution, making them some of the strongest protectors against environmental damage. Because serums are concentrated, they’re a great way to deliver high amounts of antioxidants to skin without having to add more products to your routine.
  • Regardless of skin type or concern, all skin needs hydration from key groups of ingredients. Finding a goodmoisturisersuch as the DEFENSE Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer doesn’t have to be difficult. Again, look for one with plenty of antioxidants (including plant-based superfoodsand vitamins), replenishing ingredients, and ingredients that soothe skin (like licorice extract). Skin-brightening, tone-improving ingredients are also welcome additions. The result of all these is healthy, glowing skin!

Note: During the day you must always wear a moisturiser that includesbroad-spectrum sunscreen with antioxidants such as the DEFENSE Essential Glow Moisturizer SPF 30. Sun damage is the number one cause of visible skin flaws, so protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is critical!

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