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Skin Perfecting


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This unique, concentrated leave-on BHA exfoliant works wonders to improve the appearance of stubborn skin concerns such as enlarged or clogged pores, bumps, and patches of rough, dry skin. It’s suitable even for skin prone to milia.

  • Delivers controlled, sustained release of salicylic acid
  • Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Diminishes the appearance of hard, white bumps
  • Use as the last step in your evening skincare routine
Regular price $69.00 Sale price $55.20 $13.80
  • Our cruelty free promise
  • Alcohol and Fragrance-Free
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Resist BHA 9 (Salicylic Acid) for Stubborn Imperfections is an absolutely unique one-of-a-kind targeted formula for stubborn imperfections. It is your go-to solution when nothing else has worked. Impressive results are often visible after only one use.
This exfoliant has an optimal pH range of 3.2–3.6.

All Paula’s Choice products are 100% fragrance free, clinically proven to be non-irritating, and never tested on animals.

Delivers 9% BHA in a controlled-release formula for maximum skin smoothing with noticeable results. This gel-serum visibly and quickly minimizes stubborn bumps, redness, enlarged pores and clarifies skin’s surface. Soothing plant extracts allow the formula to work without causing dryness.

At night, apply as a leave-on spot treatment for stubborn imperfections. Dispense a very small amount of Resist BHA 9 onto a clean fingertip, and massage a thin layer over affected areas. Suitable for use around the eyes, but avoid contact with eyelids and do not apply along the lower lashline. Experiment to see which method works best for your skin concerns. May be applied over larger areas if needed. Reduce frequency of usage if irritation or flaking occurs.

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Key Ingredients
Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract⁠, Avena Sativa Kernel Extract⁠, Glycerin⁠, Arginine⁠, Sea Whip Extract⁠, Salicylic Acid⁠

All Ingredients
Propylene Glycol⁠, PEG-75 Stearate⁠, PEG-8⁠, Water⁠, Salicylic Acid⁠, Glycerin⁠, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract⁠, Butylene Glycol⁠, Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract⁠, Sea Whip Extract⁠, Arginine⁠, Polysorbate 20⁠, Disodium EDTA⁠

Is Paula’s Choice BHA 9 just a spot treatment or can I use it all over my face?
You can apply a thin layer of BHA 9 all over your face if needed, but start with a smaller, targeted area where you have stubborn concerns (like stubborn blackheads) to see how your skin responds.

How often can I use Paula’s Choice BHA 9?
You can use the BHA 9 Treatment as much as your skin tolerates. We recommend starting slowly and working your way up if your skin does well. For daytime, always finish with SPF 30+. For nighttime, follow with the rest of your routine.

Can I use BHA 9 Treatment at the same time as another Paula's Choice BHA or AHA exfoliant?
Yes, though for some skin types applying two exfoliants at the same time increases the risk of irritation. We recommend alternating the days or time of day you use this treatment with your regular exfoliant or applying each to different parts of your face.

Is BHA 9 Treatment recommended for use around the eyes?
Yes, but only up to the orbital bone area (the bony ridge that stops just before the immediate undereye area). Do not apply BHA 9 Treatment to the eyelid or under brow area.

Can BHA 9 Treatment be used on the body? 
Yes, BHA 9 Treatment is excellent for treating stubborn concerns on your body too, especially bumps, breakouts and persistent blackheads or patches of hard, red bumps. 

Will BHA 9 Treatment help fade acne marks?
Regular use of BHA 9 Treatment can help fade pink, red or brown marks (known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from acne breakouts but will not affect deep or pitted scars marks since those are from cystic acne.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use BHA 9 Treatment?
Yes, but to start, only apply it to stubborn areas once daily or a few times per week, in the evening. Pay close attention to how your skin responds. If signs of flaking or dryness occur, reduce or completely stop application of BHA 9 Treatment.

Is BHA 9 Treatment better than the 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant?
BHA 9 Treatment isn’t necessarily better than 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, but it is stronger and designed to be a targeted treatment. It’s designed for stubborn concerns (blackheads, bumps, leftover acne marks) that have not responded well (or at all) to 2% BHA. BHA 9 is a potent treatment that for most will work best when applied to problem areas. For routine daily exfoliation, continue to use one of our other BHA exfoliants.  

Why isn’t BHA 9 Treatment part of the CLEAR anti-acne line?
Our founder Paula feels strongly that although it’s suitable for acne-prone skin, BHA 9 is also an excellent spot treatment for other stubborn concerns that aren’t necessarily related to acne.  Without question, acne-prone skin can benefit from using BHA 9 to treat stubborn imperfections, including blackheads and white bumps.  

Is it safe to use BHA 9 Treatment during the daytime?
Yes, you can use BHA 9 Treatment during the daytime. As always, just be sure to liberally apply a sunscreen rated SPF 30+ during the daytime.

Can I use BHA 9 Treatment with retinol?
Yes, you can use BHA 9 with retinol products. Because this is a highly concentrated product, we recommend starting slow when using these ingredients together for the first time by patch testing. 

Can you use BHA 9 on textured bumps around your eye?
Yes, BHA 9 Treatment can be used on bumps around your eye area, even if you’re prone to milia. Just be sure to avoid your eyelids and under-brow areas.

Will Paula’s Choice BHA 9 Treatment help clear skin and target blackheads?
Yes, BHA 9 Treatment is made with 9% salicylic acid, an ingredient that is suitable for blackhead-prone skin. It’s oil soluble, so it works deep within pores to help reduce the size and appearance of blackheads.


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Singapore Singapore

Overnight effects

Any white black or bumps on my face. This seems to do unclogged or reduced or shrinked it. 1 tube lasts a long time. Love it

Singapore Singapore

Best for active Acne

This is the best remedy for my active acne.